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Our Core Values

 Fair & Ethical

All of our workers are treated and paid ethically 
We work with artisans that have more than 10 years of experience working with leather and every day we work on perfecting that craft even more.

In 7 years, Jacqueline Suriano has served as an education and professional platform for more than 20 local community members that have aspire to develop skills and are seeking professional growth. 

locally sourced leather

Local Materials

All of our raw materials are locally sourced with the aim to boost the Salvadoran economy. We are working on sourcing certified ethical leather in El Salvador. 


We have created our campaign #PURSEuingOpp.

An educational program that acts to provide youth with necessary tools to rebuild and/or strengthen their self-esteem, helping them to effectively transform their future and surroundings through ethically paid jobs, workshops and collaborating with them in projects. 


Through our workshops we have been able to have an impact on 40 young adults (and counting) from 18 to 26 years. 

Long Life Span

We choose materials with a long lifespan such as leather to reduce waste.

We are working on creating a brand that is more sustainable and


We strive to always be transparent with our whole process, from design, production all the way to your doorstep.

We want to show the heart of the company and welcome you to our world. 

Slow Fashion 

We design bags that are season less and can bring joy, color and texture all year round.